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Buying With Us

Your home is the biggest purchase you will ever make and it involves many decisions that go beyond simply

choosing a house you like.  While you can see a million homes on the web, actually buying your home is another

matter entirely. Our experienced Maryland real estate team is available seven days a week; that means we will

be with you every step of the way:

1. Find a loan

At our initial meeting we will discuss this first step.  If you're already working with a lender, great! If you're not

sure where to start, we can give you some tips and introduce you to a few reliable loan officers that have worked 

with our clients in the past. We'll talk about the negotiating power that comes with different kinds of loans and weigh 

your options for your specific situation. If you decide that renting might be better for you at the moment, we can help with too.

2. Search for a property

You will have full access to ALL the homes available in the Maryland market. Through our Maryland real estate affiliations, we

can even tap into those homes that will be coming on the market soon. As wonderful as that is, it can be overwhelming and time

consuming to some. We'll help you narrow it down with our expert local knowledge of Howard County and the surrounding

counties. We will listen and understand your needs not just in terms of real estate, but also schools, neighborhood, the local

economy, commute time, and more. Together we will consider your priorities and only spend time looking at houses that fit

your requests.

3. Negotiate the contract

What is the true market value of the home that you are interested in? Is it priced too high? Is it a bargain that you should jump

on? Our team helps home buyers make decisions like this every day, and we'll make sure that you get the best value for your

money. Negotiating with sellers can be stressful. We will help you negotiate so that the final contract includes your best possible

terms and conditions. 

4. Complete the home inspection

You should know absolutely everything about the property you are buying!  You and a member of our team will view every home that you are

interested in, together. Prior to closing we will make you fully aware of any and all inspections available to you. After inspections occur, another

round of negotiations may be needed. You can feel confident that our team will be there, in step, with you during this.

5. Monitor the loan and appraisal process

We will be there to guide you through any concerns and questions you might have during this process. 

6. Schedule our moving truck

The reality of owning your home is starting to settle in! Let us help with the move.  If you'd rather have someone else do all the heavy

lifting we can recommend some great local and national moving companies as well.

7. Final walk-through and closing

Have confidence when signing documents. Contracts are full of complicated terms and clauses that can greatly affect your future life

in your new home. Working with our team will give you the full benefit of our real estate knowledge and experience.

8. A client for life

What does this mean to you if you've found your dream home and plan on staying there forever?

It means that we'll stay in touch with you even after you're settled in. If you need any additional help

with your home or if you have questions about the surrounding area, our team will always be here as your real estate

consultants for life.  Our goal is to make sure you'll be served so well that you won't hesitate to pass our name along to

your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. 


Ready to find out more and how we can help with your specific situation?

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